19th July 2012
On July 25th thousands of hard working students in NSW school students will sit the OC placement test examination. This will be used as a screening instrument for placement in Year 5 OC classes in 2013. Information about the test and its components are listed below:
Test Components
The test consists of two parts, each of thirty minutes duration. Each part contains a mixture of English language, mathematics and general ability questions. The test will consist of multiple-choice questions with answers recorded on a computer-marked answer sheet.
In the Opportunity Class Placement Test there are 20 questions in reading, 20 in mathematics and there are 30 general ability questions.
The Opportunity Class Placement Test measures ability and is set to discriminate at a very high level. Students who are accustomed to answering most questions in tests correctly should not be discouraged if they get a number of questions wrong. It is very rare for even the highest scoring candidates to score full marks on all components of the Opportunity Class Placement Test.
Source: http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/k-6assessments/ocplacement.php
Preparation for the OC Placement adds value to students. As with all academic tests a program of targeted preparation can be extremely beneficial in assisting the student to gain success. Even if students do not gain entry into an OC class the mental training, the stimulus, the thinking skills and the exposure to novel ways of problem-solving can be extremely useful far beyond the test.
“A well-considered tuition program that helps students to think clearly, learn problem-solving skills and think quickly is beneficial”, Mr Dhall, the ATA CEO said. “Tutors all over NSW do an excellent job in helping students do well at school and on tests such as the OC Placement Test”.
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