Vacation Care

Our Vacation program has become very popular amongst Preschool and Primary students.

The program runs from 9am to 3pm each week day in the school holidays, with extra hours available between 7am and 6pm, for working families.

The focus of the School Holiday program is to explore the enjoyment of learning and social collaboration, through a range of fun, interactive and relaxed activities.


What does the program include?

Each day children will enjoy:

  • English classes
  • Maths classes
  • Science experiments
  • Cooking classes
  • Yoga and meditation experiences
  • Get physical’ games
  • Craft activities
  • Group games and activities
  • Magic tricks
  • Movies on the big screen

How much does the program cost?

Daily program: $70 per day (9am – 3pm daily)
Extended hours: $85 per day (any hours between 7am and 6pm daily)
The Child Care benefit is also available to families enrolled in the Vacation Care program.


2016 DATES:

Summer Vacation Care: 11th – 15th January and 18th – 22nd January. NAPLAN Classes for years 3 and 5 also available.
Autumn Vacation Care: 11th – 15th April and 18th – 22nd April. NAPLAN Classes for years 3 and 5 also available.
Winter Vacation Care: 4th – 8th July and 11th – 15th July. OC classes for year 4 students also available.
Spring Vacation Care: 26th – 30th September and 3rd – 7th October.


Some snapshots from some of the 2015 School holidays periods…


Yoga helps us to connect our bodies and mind, taking some time to ourselves, as we relax and become mindful of our emotions. Our relaxation activities help us to embrace our imaginations as we relax our bodies, developing self regulation, which assists with concentration and self awareness.

Cooking experiences provide opportunity for hands-on maths and science, whilst enjoying the benefits of social engagement.



Hands-on science and maths activities enable children to fully comprehend related concepts, whilst developing a love of learning!



 Whilst many children enjoy the calming effects art and craft experiences can provide, it also enables opportunity for self expression, literacy development and fine motor capabilities.



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