About Us

About us

Our Team

H.O.T. School employs experienced tutors, who are passionate about helping all of our students achieve personal excellence. Our staff receive ongoing training and mentoring, to ensure the most modern and up-to-date teaching strategies are utilised.

Our staff are regularly assessed, ensuring each child is placed with the most appropriate tutor and method of learning available.

Our team promote positive learning habits and growth mindsets amongst students, which we believe is pertinent to student wellbeing and the development of intrinsic motivation. 


Our approach


  • We believe in the use on ‘hands on’, concrete materials to support children’s learning.


  • We believe children need to be supported in their emerging understanding of concepts. We provide children with the knowledge and understanding to begin grasping concepts, allowing them to develop the tools to further enhance their capabilities independently.


  • We believe that for children to learn effectively, a sense of intrinsic motivation needs to be fostered. Children should be encouraged to take initiative for their own learning, understanding that education is an important aspect of life.


  • We believe children should be encouraged to review their progress and take pride in their achievements. This supports a positive disposition toward learning on a long-term basis.

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