We believe in teaching students to understand how to think, not what. This enhances independent learning strategies, which is transferable between all subjects on a long-term trajectory. 

  • Our classes are hands-on and engaging, providing meaningful learning experiences suited to the needs of our students. We have a maximum of eight students in any group, allowing students to enjoy the benefits of social learning, whilst also receiving ample individualised support. 
  • Our students genuinely enjoy our classes, which allow them to become self-confident, with positive dispositions toward learning and perseverance.  Classes incorporate guided, shared and independent learning experiences, with the perfect balance between the right level of challenge, support and guidance. 
  • We understand that everyone has different strengths in life. Therefore, students are grouped according to skill level, with ongoing, active communication maintained between families and staff. This ensures the most meaningful learning experiences are always provided and that students feel confident working with the children in their class. Our Principal is consistently liaising with all of our tutors and is always available to discuss children's progress with families. 
  • Homework is available and students are encouraged to take initiative for their learning and progress, with an awards program in place to commend hard work, dedication and perseverance. This enhances students’ sense of intrinsic motivation, as they learn to set goals and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • We support children to develop growth mindsets, so they begin recognising that learning is a process and that all individuals have different things they need to work harder at.

For specific class times and pricing, please double click on the below link:

Term 4 2019 Timetable and Pricing


Preschool classes- School Readiness Program (2 hour class)

This program is suitable for students who are planning to commence Primary School in 2020. This program covers content in the areas of:

  • Phonics, to ensure strong reading, writing and spelling foundations.
  • Numeracy and general ability development.
  • Social skills and the development of  positive dispositions toward learning, school and persistence.
  • Fine motor skills- letter formation and cutting
  • Independence and self-help skills 

For children commencing school in 2021, we have a 1-hour Preschool program available.

  • Understanding that all children are different, there is no set age to begin in this program. This program covers similar content to the School Readiness program, in an age-appropriate manner. 



GEM Kindergarten (2 hour class)

This program fosters knowledge within the areas of General ability, English, Maths and Writing.

  • Students become competent in reading, writing, spelling and speaking. These literacy foundations are pertinent for success in all areas of learning.
  • Effective mathematical, problem solving, logical and critical thinking skills are fostered.
  • Enrichment activities covering social and intellectual material, develop a sense of worth and accomplishment amongst students.

English/Writing (2 hours) 

This program enables students to develop competency within the area of English, whilst supporting them to become capable, effective writers across all text types.

  • Builds conceptual knowledge within the areas of vocabulary, comprehension and grammar.
  • Develops positive dispositions toward reading and writing.
  • Fosters creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Enhances students’ understanding of the features of various text types and ability to apply related knowledge to their own writing.
  • Enables students to develop an ability to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions through speaking and writing, in a clear, coherent and structured manner.
  • Promotes the active use of language devices, to better adhere to the required audience, tone and purpose of each written text.

Mathematics (1½ hours) 

This program provides curriculum maths and enrichment activities, to enhance students’ understanding of mathematical principles and reasoning.

  • Emphasis toward the development of problem solving skills.
  • Develops student's abilities in thinking mathematically and logically.
  • Fosters mental arithmatic skills, speed and accuracy across all areas of mathematics.
  • Hands-on, collaborative learning, making maths fun!


Our exam preparation philosophy:

Preparing for tests should encompass more than just mock tests- such an approach is based on rote-learning methods which encourage students to simply memorise solutions to various problems. We encourage our students to truly understand how to approach an array of different question styles. Hence, all of our exam preparation courses focus on developing student's thinking skills and accompanying knowledge and capabilities. We do incorporate some test practise, to ensure student's are also developing related confidence and time-management skills. To full hone in on test-related skills, sperate mock test sessions are available during school holiday periods. 


We don't believe students should stress about NAPLAN. That said, for many Year 3 students, it is one of the first formal tests they face at school. 

In the past we have had a straight NAPLAN Course. In 2018, we reviewed this option, as we felt two hours did not allow ample time for students to truly understand related learning across all learning areas. 

Hence, NAPLAN practise is now incorporated into the English/Writing and Maths Course for:

  • Year 2 students in Term 4 each year
  • Year 3 students in Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2 

Our students 2019 NAPLAN results were remarkable, so we will continue to support our students with this approach. This also enables students to develop their skills and knowledge beyond the NAPLAN test itself. 

Students in Years 5, 7 and 9 continue to develop their skills and knowledge in the appropriate English/Writing and Maths courses. Exam strategies and related confidence can be enhanced during school holiday sessions. 


NAPLAN Mock Test and Review Sessions (available during the Term 1 school holidays) For students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9. 

Students complete short mock tests, before reviewing their work with a tutor.

  • Numeracy, Language Conventions, Reading and Writing will be covered.
  • Sessions support students to feel more confident and comfortable about sitting the NAPLAN tests.
  • Students are able to practice exam techniques and strategies.

2020 session dates:

  • Tuesday:14/4
  • Wednesday: 15/4
  • Thursday: 16/4
  • Monday: 20/4
  • Tuesday: 21/4
  • Friday: 24/4

Opportunity Class Placement Test Preparation

  • Year 3: Available in Term 4
  • Year 4: Available in Terms 1 and 2

This program challenges and extends students' ability, in preparation for the Opportunity Class Placement Test. 

  • The course fosters skills and capabilities in the areas of reading, mathematics and general ability.
  • Exam techniques and confidence in enhanced.
  • Excellent past success rate.
  • Students will complete one test each lesson under exam conditions, before reviewing it as a class.
  • Mock Test and Review sessions are also held during the Term 2 school holidays.

OC Mock Test and Review Sessions - Year 4 students

Mock Test and Review sessions will be held daily during the winter school holiday period. 

  • Students will undertake tests that will simulate the Opportunity Class Placement Test.
  • A great opportunity for students to consolidate all the work done in the course to-date.
  • Explicit focus on exam techniques and requirements.

2020 session dates: 

  • Tuesday: 7/7
  • Wednesday: 8/7
  • Monday: 13/7
  • Thursday 16/7
  • Friday 17/7 

Selective/Scholarship Program (3 hours) Years 4, 5 and 6

  • Year 4: Terms 3 and 4 (Pre-Selective Program)
  • Years 5 and 6: Term 1 of Year 5 through to the Year 6 Selective Schools Placement Test (approximately week 7 of Term 1)

This is a comprehensive program, preparing students for the Selective Schools test and ACER Scholarship tests.

  • The course encourages students to think creatively, logically and critically; this enhances students' ability to successfully solve a broad range of question types and styles.
  • The course challenges and extends students' capabilities within the areas of English, Mathematics, General Ability and Writing.
  • Weekly tests, revised with students, to enhance related confidence and skills.
  • Classes enable students to enhance their goal setting abilities and sense of perseverance and determination.
  • Excellent success rate; in recent years a minimum of 72% of our students gained entry into a Selective School and/or were awarded scholarships.

Selective/Scholarship Mock Test and Review Sessions (4-hour sessions for Year 6 students)

  • Students will sit General Ability, Numeracy, Reading and Writing Mock tests, before reviewing with their tutor. Written feedback is provided for Writing tests. 
  • A great opportunity for students to consolidate all the work done in the course to-date.
  • Explicit focus on exam techniques and strategies.

2020 session dates: 

  • Tuesday: 21/1
  • Wednesday: 22/1
  • Thursday: 23/1 
  • Sundays: 2/2, 9/2, 23/2, 5/3 

High School classes

We have English/Writing and Maths classes available for students in years 7-9. These courses focus on supporting students' with curriculum related work, enabling them to consolidate, extend and challenge their skills and capabilities. 

For other subjects and students in years 10, 11 and 12, we offer private tuition, however availability is limited.

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