Frequently asked questions


How are we different in our approach to tutoring children? 

Whilst worksheets are a part of our program, they are not the only tools used to develop skills and knowledge. Worksheets are used for children to document their learning, however we feel repetition and monotony is meaningless for many children, and can be quite detrimental toward a positive learning disposition.

Our hands on activities and games allow children to explore concepts in an enjoyable and social manner, which we find to be far more effective for promoting meaningful understanding across of areas of learning. 

We recognise that ‘one size’ does not ‘fit all’ when it comes to working with children. We respect that children are unique individuals, thus are flexible in our approaches toward how we support each and every child. The program is often tailored to suits children’s individual needs and learning styles.


How do we monitor children’s progress? 

Children are grouped by their skill level, rather than by age. This ensures every child receives the most appropriate level of support available.

Principal Katherine is continuously monitoring the children in the classroom, whilst maintaining regular and open communication with tutors and parents. Children are moved into different groups at times, to ensure their time with us is always meaningful.


Do children need to complete an entry assessment? 

No. We have found that many children feel pressured in test situations, and the results from one test may not provide a clear overview of where children are in their learning journey.

Thus, we prefer to monitor children on an ongoing basis, based on their performance during class times as well as from parent feedback. 

Children do complete an assessment in class during week six of term, after they have had time to settle into the environment and have begun to grasp the concepts they are working on. This creates a more enjoyably and meaningful learning experience. 

Reports are made at the time of the week six assessment, providing extensive feedback for families.


Is H.O.T School for everyone? 

Yes. With our range of programs, we have support available to suit all ages and all skill levels.


Is private tutoring available? 

Yes. We prefer to group children as we feel social collaboration is an important aspect of effective learning, supporting the enjoyment aspect of learning also. 

If a child is really struggling at school, we may suggest private tuition; until they have grown enough in their fundamental understanding of concepts, in order to move into an appropriate group.


Is High School tuition available?  

Yes. High School tuition is completed on a one-to-one basis, whereby we ask students to bring in their school work. This sort of tuition is designed to support children with school work they are struggling with, as well as with their assessments and test preparation.


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