Read the experiences of those students we have helped nurture.

Maths programs- 2016

"The Hot School staff have helped improve my daughter's ability and confidence when faced with any Math task.. 

Very much appreciate all you and Hot School do for my girl. 

 The greatest gift is the 'gift of knowledge'.. and the way in which you and staff present each class session using positive reinforcement and passion is clearly a successful method and evident in the children's results.

 I am most impressed with my daughter's enthusiasm and happiness that greets me at the end of every class at pick up time. That is Priceless!

Thank you Katherine and HOT SCHOOL."


Preschool- 2015

"We enrolled our daughter in HOT School mainly to further her social and interaction skills beside the development of reading, writing, and numeracy skills. We really very much appreciate the time, care and effort that HOT School and their Principal Katherine in particular have put into her teaching. 

We found the motivation style and goal setting approach of HOT School to be very effective and it definitely built more confidence in our daughter to improve her social skills and also further her learning achievements. Our daughter was really so happy for receiving an Award Card for reading her first book. Again, thanks for your endless support and effort."

A and S H - Parents

English/Writing programs- 2015

“Renée, recently wrote a narrative, and I believe it is her best to date.I am so proud and extremely appreciative to H.O.T. School, that in such a short period of time of only 3 lessons,it is evident there has been a huge improvement in her writing skills.

So happy with her new found confidence.

 Thank You wonderful H.O.T. School team."

-Renée’s Mum.

⊂  My son-Harsh have started HOT School in Jan’ 15.  As we changed his school last year so he was lacking confidence and concentration. Moreover didn’t have any interest in study. This was a big challenge for us as parent.

Since he started going in HOT School, there is a significant improvement in his concentration and focus. Also he is, now excited to go in Hot School as their staff focus in creative learning instead of conventional way of teaching-academics.  We are so thankful to HOT School for helping my son in gaining his confidence back. ⊃

"I would love to give high recommendation and endorsement for their creative learning and will give you 6 out of 5 Star. I wish you all the best and keep helping parents like us."  

Vendy & PS Thakur (happy parents)

Selective/Scholarship- 2015

"My daughter was offered a full scholarship into Hills Grammar.  Her creative writing scored no 1 among all the candidates. This would not have been accomplished without the support of the H.O.T School Selective Course and their tutors. 

I highly recommend the H.O.T School programs to all families."


 We were recommended HOT school by friends and enrolled our son in the English/Writing Year 4 course in Term 4 of 2012 to consolidate and improve on his comprehension strategies and writing skills. HOT school has the edge over any other coaching college not only due to its modern facilities and small class sizes but because of the wealth of knowledge and relevant experience behind every HOT school teacher. Each week, the teacher feedback on our son's work was clear, comprehensive, insightful, thorough and spot-on which we considered invaluable.

Our son enjoyed the weekly lessons which provided him with the necessary techniques and practice above and beyond what is taught at school. We have noticed a big difference in both his writing and vocab just after one term and this was evidenced in his improved English marks in the end of year school report.

He has enjoyed going to HOT school so much that he will be re-enrolling again this year in the Selective courses. We have recommended HOT school to many family and friends and consider HOT school to be a great investment in our child's education. 

H & Y D - Parents

Maths and Vacation Care programs- 2016

“Katherine has tutored my son in maths for one year. I have noticed a huge improvement in his numeracy skills and confidence. I am so grateful to Katherine and HOT school - they are experts in primary education and are so good at making learning a positive experience for children. My son also loves the vacation care program - he keeps reminding me to book him in so he won’t miss out!”


 My son has been attending HOT School tutoring classes since 2007. He began with English classes where he learnt valuable skills that have seen his English ability improve dramatically. He then went on to HOT School’s Maths and Creative writing classes. He loved the challenge of the maths problem solving questions, and his writing has improved a lot. Thanks to HOT School, he has learnt to plan what he is going to write, and has learnt tips to make his stories more interesting.

Last year, we enrolled him in HOT School's OC preparation course, and thanks to their help and support, my son got into our local OC program. He is looking forward to starting OC this year.

I would like to thank all the HOT School teachers for their patience and expertise, you have all helped my son reach his potential. 

Iris Li - Mum

English/Writing programs- 2015

"Our experience at HOT school has been very beneficial in helping both my daughters with reading and comprehension skills. It has given them an excellent foundation that has propelled them forward in their education. HOT School programs relate to their school work and give them the edge and confidence they need at school.  The teaches  are honest and focused on  helping students. I really recommend this school,  it truly makes a difference! Thank you to the Teachers and Principal at HOT school!"


 My daughter first attended HOT School for help with her Maths a few years ago, now Maths is one of her favourite subjects. Coming into this year my daughter asked me if she could do the Selective / Scholarship course at HOT School. I thought this was amazing! My daughter actually wanted to attend HOT School on a Saturday. The teachers at HOT School nurture the children and make learning fun. My daughter has learnt many skills with HOT School that will stay with her for life.

Each Saturday, when I pick up my daughter the question is always the same "Did you have fun?". My daughter's face lights up in response, and the answer always starts off the same "Yeah! I had heaps of fun... we did... etc.." It is so nice to see my daughter enjoying herself whilst learning. My daughter has improved greatly throughout the year, tackling complex maths problems and some amazing comprehension work, that I did not think possible for a 10 year old.

I would like to thank all of the staff at HOT School for their contribution to my daughter’s education over the past few years, it has been a joy. 

Samantha Rappolt - Mum

Selective/Scholarship program- 2015

“ We would like to thank all the staff at H.O.T School Carlingford for their support and effort they have put in to enriching our son. He was successful in getting into Normanhurst Boys High School and we appreciate everything H.O.T School did to help him achieve such a fantastic result. The time and effort that you give to each child is amazing and really boosts their confidence in their ability. The selection of educators are of a high calibre and they are all extremely helpful which makes it an enjoyable environment for the children to attend. I have full confidence in my youngest son attending and have no doubt he will also thrive at HOT School.”


Ivy attended HOT School from Year 4 to Year 6. She was one of the 2011 students offered a Selective place at Hornsby Girls’ High School.

Click here to see more of her story and the role HOT School played in helping Ivy achieving this success

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