Vacation Care





  • Vacation Care Standard hours
9 am - 4 pm: $60/day (includes all lessons, activities and snacks). 
  • Vacation Care Extended hours:

Anytime from 7 am - 6 pm: $80/day (includes all lessons, activities and snacks).

  • Discounts

5% sibling discount

5% discount for 4+ days

Reduced rates for additional options (noted below)


Additional options:

Cartooning Workshop: Tuesday 14/1/19, 1.30-3 pm

$45/session or $20/session for Vacation Care students

Animation Workshop: Thursday 16/1/19, 1.30-3 pm

$45/session or $20/session for Vacation Care students


Coding/Robotics sessions: Tuesday 21/1/19, Wednesdays 22/1 and Thursday 23/1 

Junior Session: 12-1.30 pm ($45/session)

Advanced Session: 1.30-3.30 pm ($55/session)

Or, $25/session for students who are also enrolled in Vacation Care


Selective/ACER Mock Test and Review sessions: Tuesday 21/1/19, Wednesdays 22/1 and Thursday 23/1: 9-1 pm 

$60/session, or $10 for Vacation Care students


Program information

STEAM lessons:

These holidays we are excited to launch our new STEAM lessons. Classes will be held daily and are suitable for all ages.

All lessons are project-based and include topics such as 'balloon-powered cars', 'waterproof houses', 'textured fireworks' and so much more.

Lessons will run for approximately 2 hours and will incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths concepts. Lessons will also foster problem-solving skills, creativity and teamwork. 

Creator Academy will run these sessions with students on 1/10, 3/10, 8/10 and 9/10. Each session is different, meaning your child can attend one session, or all four. These classes are a great way for children to better understand coding and robotics, particularly if you are considering enrolment in one of our Term 4 classes. You can use the Creative Kids Voucher for these sessions- further information is in the pricing section below. Sessions are different to those enjoyed last school holidays. 
Art lessons:

Classes will foster creativity, as well as painting, drawing and sculpting skills. A diverse range of mediums and techniques will be used, to enhance self-expression and artistic capabilities.
Example lessons include: Painting objects with shadows, creating perspective and tone in drawing and painting, exploring pendulum and marble painting.. the list goes on! No lesson will be repeated throughout the holiday period.


Students help to choose what will be cooked each day; the possibilities are endless.
Some options include: Pizza (from scratch), cupcakes, bread, cookies etc 


Craft activities:

Students are provided with a wide array of resources to create anything they want. A great opportunity for self- directed learning, expression and exploration. 


Movie on the big screen:

After so many activities, students need some quiet time throughout the day. Children help to choose the movie that will be played and they love our projector screen, which turns the classroom into a movie theatre. 
To minimise the amount of 'screen time' students are exposed to, only part of the movie is watched during lunch, with the rest being enjoyed in the late afternoon.


Students will enjoy eating what they have cooked in the morning and taking extra treats home. We also offer snacks such as fruit, toast, chips, popcorn etc. We ask that families provide a water bottle and  lunches that are on the healthier side (as you can see, not all of our snacks are overly nutritious). We have a microwave and fridge available to students if needed.
We take student's allergies and dietary needs very seriously and ensure appropriate action is taken. 
Please note, when packing lunch, we are a nut-free school. 
Group games/activities:

Whilst students are indoors all day, we have a large amount of space to ensure ample active-time. Such activities provide great opportunities for children to make new friends and have a tonne of fun!
Example activities include: 'H.O.T School Olympics' (bowling, basketball and putt-putt competitions), board games, 'hide and seek', 'tunnel ball' and much, much more (children hep to choose activities).




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